Manage your Supply Chain Digitally

We are digitalizing the value chain of food crops by building a platform that eases the management of your supply chain.

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Manage Contract Farmers
Easily run a contract farming program with SupplyBase. Track loans, repayments and performance of farmers.
Delivery Reports
Generate reports of crop deliveries when they arrive at your factory.
Track Product Source
With SupplyBase, you can track the source of the crops supplied to you at a glance.
Data Analytics
Keep track of your suppliers and inventory with simple metrics.
Secure Data
We have taken extra measures to secure your data in the cloud. Your data is yours and yours alone.
Digitalised Departments
We have digitalised the extension, weighbridge, quality control, warehouse, accounts and management department.

Simplified Accounting

SupplyBase does the heavy-lifting of calculating amount owed to your supplier based on data like loan given, price/kg, weight and quality delivered.

Manage Truck Deliveries

You get to see the details of every supply made to your factory at a glance. Information like gross and tare weights, quality reports, price/kg and so on.

No More Spreadsheets.
We know how hard it is to manage a spreadsheet with hundreds of sheets or tomes of paper. SupplyBase has completely simplified the process of data entry and retrieval. Making it easy for you to find the data you need as fast as lightning.
Get Smart Insights
Get more information about your spending and inventory and make sound business decisions. We automatically make valuable suggestions that can help you spend right and improve your supply chain.
Cloud Sync/On-Site Deployment
All your data is securely stored in the cloud and accessible to you from anywhere in the world. If you would rather host SupplyBase on-site, we can make that happen too. Just get in touch.

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