A guide to applying fertilizers for maize farmers

by Mercy Omolola on 29 Aug 2023 • 3 comments
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Maize, also known as corn, is a staple crop grown throughout the country. It is a versatile plant that can adapt to different climates and soil types. However, to achieve the best growth and yield, maize requires proper nutrition, which can be provided through the application of fertilizers. In this blog post, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to apply fertilizers to your maize farm.

  • Soil Testing: Soil testing is the first and most important step in fertilizer application for maize. It is critical to test the soil in order to assess its nutrient content. This will assist you in determining which nutrients are deficient and should be supplemented. Soil testing kits are readily available here, and they are easy to use, providing precise data to guide your fertilizer application.

  • Determine the Nutrient Requirements of the Plant: After conducting a soil test, which will indicate the lost and deficient nutrients as well as those available, it's essential to determine the plant's nutrient requirements. In the soil, certain nutrients such as NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium) play a vital role. These nutrients are of utmost importance as they directly influence the growth, overall development, and yield of the maize plant.

  • Nitrogen is essential for photosynthesis and protein synthesis within a maize plant. It plays a central role in trapping light energy during photosynthesis, facilitating the production of carbohydrates, and ultimately promoting plant growth.

  • Phosphorus is essential for the transport and storage of energy. It facilitates in the conversion of light energy into chemical energy, hence supporting activities like as DNA and RNA production, while,

  • Potassium is also required for water regulation and disease resistance, maintains the maize plant's water balance, supports nutrient transportation, and general cell health.

  • Choose the right fertilizer: After you have determined the nutrient requirement and nutrient availability in the soil, choose the fertilizer to use. There are two types of fertilizers available: organic and inorganic. 

  • Organic fertilizers, such as compost and manure, are less harmful to the environment and improve soil structure. They do, however, release nutrients slowly and may not supply adequate nutrients for a high-yielding maize. 

  • Inorganic fertilizers, often known as synthetic or chemical fertilizers, are manufactured products designed to supply essential nutrients to plants. They provide nutrients rapidly and in large quantities. They are excellent for repairing nutrient deficiencies, but if not used accurately, they can be harmful to the environment. They are mostly composed of macronutrients (NPK) and micronutrients (boron, iron, copper). Examples of these fertilizers available are urea (boost nitrogen levels), triple superphosphate(addressing), phosphorus deficiencies), potassium chloride(supplying essential nutrients). 

  • Apply fertilizer at the right time: Timing is crucial in fertilizer application. The best time to apply fertilizer to the maize crop is at planting and during the growing season. 

  • At planting, apply a starter fertilizer to supply the seedlings with the nutrients they need to build their root systems. Early availability of nutrients promotes early growth and development, thereby, laying a solid foundation for the crop's lifecycle.

  • During the growing season, apply additional fertilizer to support growth and yield because as the crop progresses through various growth stages, its nutrient requirements will definitely change. Also, avoid adding fertilizer late in the season because the plant may not be able to use it and it could lead into leaching.

  • Method of application: This is also important. Fertilizers can be applied in various ways, including broadcasting, banding, and side-dressing. 

  • Broadcasting involves uniformly spreading fertilizer across the whole surface of the maize field before planting. This method is used when soil testing indicates a need for widespread nutrient supplementation. The disadvantage of this method for maize growth is there will be nutrient loss due to runoff or leaching.

  • Banding involves applying the fertilizer in a band next to the seed at planting. This method provides nutrients directly to the root zone, enhancing nutrient availability during critical early growth stages. It is also done during germination and initial development of the maize crop.

  • Side-dressing involves applying the fertilizer next to the growing plants during the growing season. This method delivers nutrients when the maize plant needs them the most, improving nutrient absorption and utilization. It's especially beneficial for dealing with nutritional deficiencies as the crop matures.

Side dressing method from unsplash

Please note that the best method for application depends on the type of fertilizer, the nutrient needs of the maize, and the soil conditions. 

Fertilizer application is not just a task, but an art that requires knowledge, precision, and understanding of your soil and plants. It is a game changer in the farming world, capable of converting barren lands into abundant harvests. But keep in mind that, the secret is not just in how you apply it, but also in what you apply.

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