Aiding agents in capturing accurate information about farmers and farms even in areas with no internet connection

Empowering Farmers, Enhancing Productivity: Gathering Data for a Brighter Agricultural Future

Streamline data collection and empower agents to provide better support to the farmers in their region with Gather

Gather Comprehensive Data

The app allows agents to gather comprehensive farm and farmer profiles, including crop types, farm size, and farmer demographics. This information builds a robust database that supports targeted interventions and tailored support for farmers. These comprehensive profiles empower agents to better understand farmer needs and contribute effectively to agricultural policies.

Offline Data Collection

The offline data collection feature allows agents to gather essential farm and farmer information without needing an internet connection. This ensures that data collection is uninterrupted, even in remote areas with limited connectivity. By capturing data offline, agents can input accurate information directly in the field, reducing the risk of data loss or errors.

Capture accurate information about farmers and farms even in areas with no internet connection
Data Analytics and Reporting

Data Analytics and Reporting enables agents to analyze collected data and generate insightful reports. This feature helps in identifying trends, making informed decisions, and optimizing agricultural practices. By utilizing data analytics, stakeholders can better understand farmer needs and enhance support programs

Secure Data Storage

Secure Data Storage ensures that all information gathered is stored safely and can be accessed when needed. This feature protects sensitive farmer data and guarantees privacy, complying with data protection regulations. Secure storage also allows for easy retrieval and updates, maintaining data integrity over time.

Built-in geolocation technology ensures you capture the exact coordinates of each farm you visit


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