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by Toluwalemi Oluwadare on 29 Aug 2019 • 0 comments
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Crop2Cash employees stepped away from their projects on August 18, 2019, to take part in a groundbreaking new event at the Computer Science Department, University of Ibadan. Crop2Cash (in conjunction with NACOSS Press) introduced “Grow with Crop2Cash” - a technology event focused on expounding students to some of the work we do at Crop2Cash while sharing latest innovations in the Agric-tech industry; in a bid to grow our talent pool.

The topic of the event was, “Coding food unto tables” and over 60 students were in attendance. During the event, attendees shared opinions, thoughts, asked questions and participated in fun quiz games.

The keynote speakers were Leke Ajayi, Lekan Abdulsalami, Tope Akintilebo and Michael Ogundare - CEO and co-founder. Lekan shared his experience on his new journey into software development, inspiring the students to be more passionate about problem-solving and software development. Leke spoke about a variety of issues concerning life as an accountant and encouraged the attendees to challenge themselves to a higher standard of work.

Tope, a senior software engineer, gave a brief presentation on “Technology stack”. According to his presentation, “Technology stack is the combination of programming languages, tools and frameworks that the developers use to create web and mobile applications.”

Former software engineering interns - Farouk and Toluwalemi - shared with the students their experience while interning at Crop2Cash. According to Farouk, “One amazing thing about Crop2Cash is the passion for contributing to the community. One time, I thought we were running a charity business because of the level of its interest in helping Nigeria farmers profitable right from day one even before mapping out a business model."

CEO and co-founder, Michael Ogundare, spoke to the attendees briefly about Crop2Cash - the journey so far including the challenges encountered - and employed the students to always believe they can achieve something.

During the course of the event, attendees had the opportunity to answer discussion questions, and participate in fun quiz games. Over 30 students participated in a Kahoot fun quiz session where the top three winners emerged and were awarded prizes.

The tech-event struck a chord with an attendee, who remarked, “All the activities were engaging which was a good one; overall, the event was very impressive and informative.” With positive responses from other students, a chance to interact with brilliant minds, and heat radiating outwards into the bright day at the Computer Science Department, it was truly a day to remember.

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