How Crop2Cash Bridges the Gap Between Agro-Processors and Smallholder Farmers

by Toluwalemi Oluwadare on 16 Jul 2019 • 2 comments
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Smallholder farmers don’t just plant and harvest crops; they contribute to food security and play a dominant role in contributing to Nigeria’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). After cultivation, they sell their raw produce to agro-processors who use manual methods to process the raw produce and record activities like price, quality reports, supply deliveries, etc. This causes delayed payment, loss of data, entry of fake data, among others.
This is why as an administrator in an agro-processing firm, it is so important for you to adopt technology into your production process to make your work easier and faster; saving costs in the process. Now, more than ever, agro-processors must have solid and secure data to keep track of their suppliers, have access to the data from anywhere in the world and to make sound business decisions.
Crop2Cash is at the forefront of building relationships between agro-processors and smallholder farmers. We have built a unique product – SupplyBase – to digitalize the value chain of food crops by building a platform that eases the management of the supply chain. We use SupplyBase in unique ways to help agro-processors better understand their suppliers (smallholder farmers) and strengthen the relationship between the two parties.

Crop2Cash's Mission to Ease the Management of Supply Chain

Agro-processors have various processes involved in the production of food crops. For instance, a rice processing company will go through the process of aggregating paddy from farmers to weighing the paddy and then conducting quality tests. If the quality test is passed, the paddy goes into either the warehouse or directly into the mill where it is processed into rice. If the quality test is failed, the paddy is returned to its destination.
These processes are mostly done manually and a lot of things could go wrong behind-the-scenes. From multiple entries of data, entry of fake or forged information to difficulty in managing a spreadsheet with hundreds of sheets or tonnes of paper.
To curb this problem, we built a product – SupplyBase – a digital platform that simplifies activities in the extension, weighbridge, quality control, warehouse, accounts and management departments.

With SupplyBase, you can easily track loans, repayments and performance of farmers, generate reports of crop deliveries, track the source of crops supplied. You can also find data you need as fast as light and get information about your spending and inventory to make sound business decisions. Tapping into SupplyBase insights ensures access to your secured data from anywhere in the world.

How SupplyBase Benefits Smallholder Farmers

Through SupplyBase, smallholder farmers don’t have to wait for days to get the payment for supplying an agro-processor. Agro-processors can also use SupplyBase to run an out-growers scheme program where smallholder farmers can get loans and are given incentives based on their performance.
Agro-processors can use SupplyBase as a core part of their business model, not just as an ad hoc addition. By knowing their suppliers more they can build meaningful relationships with smallholder farmers, and take the right steps to make new ones.
To learn more about SupplyBase, kindly request a demo on

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