Insider: Customer service is the tie that binds a business to success

by Heritage Osofowora on 06 Oct 2022 • 15 comments
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Hello, what is your name and what do you do at Crop2Cash 

My name is Ọlalekan Salami, and I lead the customer support department here at Crop2Cash 

Cool!!, what does that entail?

Uhmm, so basically I lead the customer support team in order to deliver high-quality customer services to our clients/customers, I also identify and develop problem-solving methodologies to resolve customer issues, I also work to ensure we develop value-driven relationships with our customers, and finally let me say I address customer complaints too just like everybody on the team.

What does a normal day of work look like for you usually? 

The first thing I do every day is check my mail and respond to emails that were sent after work hours and the ones we've not been able to attend to and then I try and see the tasks that were not completed the previous day and also track my team's performance and set tasks for them for that day and then anything other things that come in.

Wow that means your days must be very full most times 

Yeah mostly, most days are like that.

If you could define customer service with just three words what would they be? 

*Laughs* three words? Okay Hmmmn, crazy, amazing, fun, because you get to see different reactions from different people, that's where the fun part comes from. I don't know if gbas gbọs is a word but that would also describe customer service. 

So why do you think most startups should always prioritize customer service or do you think it's something that should be prioritized at all?

Yes because customer service is the tie that binds a business to success. Customer service should be prioritized. A business can have a very good product, in fact, the best product but then once they have poor customer service it doesn't matter what kind of product they have, they would lose customers. I think there's a statistic that 74% of customers won't come back if their first customer service experience with the company is bad and the rest would just come back maybe based on a lack of options or on a just let's give it a try again basis. Yeah, so a company that wants to succeed should actually prioritize customer service/customer success.

That's such a huge percentage, 74% is wild

Yeah, it is. 

Do you think the customer is always right? 

No *laughs*,

The customer is not always right but whether a customer is right or not, you should always give a positive attitude. Your responsibility as a customer service agent is your attitude to the customer and their complaints. 

What advice would you give someone trying to get into the customer service space? 

You will need a lot of patience *laughs* 

I can imagine..

Yeah a lot of patience, you would also need to be a fast thinker and be able to solve problems you didn't create and have the ability to go overboard, because the thing is, some of the issues you get to face are not usually things you plan or imagine but then it still all depends on you to have that customer retained especially about how to handle the customer and help resolve their problem. 

Also wherever you're going to, you need to have very good product knowledge, that's one of the most important things, like knowing the product as much or as good as the people that built it.

Thank you so much, we have just three questions left

What do you think makes Crop2Cash different?

I think what makes Crop2Cash different is our company culture and people. It seems as if there is a way everyone that comes into Crop2Cash, just tunes into the Crop2Cash vibe and excellence. 

Why would you recommend Crop2Cash to anyone going into the farming/ agriculture business?

Wow okay, I think the basic reason I'll do this, is because of the Crop2Cash mission, which is creating prosperity for smallholder farmers, and it's not just the mission but the action that follows it on the part of Crop2Cash because all we do here is try to ease the agricultural value chain from the point of planting down to harvesting, even to the supply chain management. Another reason I'll also recommend Crop2Cash is that it's all about the farmers,  it's how we're committed to the success of the farmer and make them our priority.

Any advice for our amazing readers trying to get into the tech space? 

The tech space is very wide and so I don't know what part but if you want to enter the tech, the first thing is to know what you want to do, second is to understand that there's room for you and even more opportunities for you also, but don't just get into tech because you think there's money in tech if you get into it and you're not well prepared, Omo you'll be overwhelmed but once you're determined you'll always thrive it's a place that no matter your background or place you're coming from there's room for everyone to thrive. 

Thank you so much for your time!

You are welcome. 

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