Misconceptions About Farming

by Olalekan Abdulsalami on 31 Aug 2021 • 27 comments
4 min read

Farming is an agelong practice that has sustained us for centuries. It used to be considered a noble profession carried out by gods, people used to consider it an honor to be called a farmer.  Down the line, friends and families have discouraged many people from pursuing their dreams in farming.  So many people have had to settle for an unfulfilling career in various fields. Some farmers, especially the ones in rural areas, do not wish that their children take after them and their business, they want to have their children in big cities, and then encourage them to pursue careers in Medicine, Law, It and Tech, etc.

 Farming could be an exciting career provided you have enough skills, knowledge, and technical know-how on how to function effectively and efficiently as a farmer. The Agricultural system has grown so vast with the newest technology and other scientific research, which would help people discover that farming as a career can be a decent and fulfilling source of income. 

Farming education should be introduced in the school’s curriculum to expose young people to its intricacies and enlighten them on the importance of agriculture.

There are various upgrades to the farming system in the 21st century, people farm on a large scale, get involved in greenhouses, invest, extend into branches and other farmlands, employ the services of branch managers, farmhands, Botanists, and an extensive staff list. This is considered large-scale farming and equips farmers with the opportunity of being exporters which in turn boosts the economy. The farming system also gives room for versatility as farmers can engage in the production of more than one crop.

Listed below are some myths about farming that needs to be addressed.

Farmers Use chemicals harmful to the environment 

it is widely believed that farmers do not care about the ecosystem and do farming activities with little or no concern about their environment. The truth is that with the latest forms of technology and farming advances, farmers are now using more eco-friendly fertilizers and chemicals to get a more significant and healthy output of their produce. In addition, a farmer's output is as good as the land he/she plants in. No one willingly jeopardizes their means of livelihood, hence, the need to cross out the myth of farmers being careless with the use of harmful chemicals and fertilizers.

Small Farms Are of Less Importance

People get discouraged from pursuing their farming dreams because of the general misconception of subsistence farming not being as important as commercial farming.  The truth is, subsistence farming is the backbone of the agricultural industry. Small Farms allow people to get locally produced food without much stress and expertise. it supplies every household and local foodstuff store with farm produce needed for daily consumption and healthy living

Farmers Are Uneducated

 Gone are the days where farming would not require any form of formal education. The truth is, farmers have to double as mechanics, weathermen, veterinarians, businessmen & women, marketers, scientists, and so much more. The Times have changed, and so have the duties and required knowledge of being a Farmer. The days of relying on only old farm wisdom are long gone, and farmers who are trained formally are at an advantage

There Is No Future in Agriculture

 This is one of the biggest and most inaccurate myths of all time. Agriculture has the best future, not only are the numbers of graduates with degrees in an Agricultural related field growing, so too are the numbers of young Farmers getting out on the farms. The World needs food to survive and farmers are the ready-made answers to the fast-growing number of consumers around the world.

Only people who live in villages can farm

 Farming can no longer be confined to a particular location. Most of the top leaders in the farming industry don’t live in small villages/cities. They control the activities from bigger towns, visit the farms periodically, invest in greenhouses, etc.

Farmers Don’t have an enjoyable life

This is very laughable and untrue because farmers are more likely to enjoy life to the fullest, they have unhindered access to fruits, vegetables, and other fresh and direct crops without any preservatives. They can consume a more balanced diet and observe a healthier lifestyle than other people. They have fun at what they do and contact with the soil/earth has proved to be an incredible form of therapy.

Only old people farm

Farming is no longer categorized as a job description for the old. In an increasingly digitalized and technological world, farming has become more pleasurable for the young as well. Farming processes have been made easier with more tendencies towards multiplication. Weather forecasting, Access to inputs, access to financial services, insurance, mechanization are samples of services provided by Agritech companies like Crop2cash to improve a farmer's life.

A farmer is confined to his/her local environment 

 We must sincerely say that farmers rule the world, no one in the globe can say that they do not partner directly or indirectly with a farmer. Farmers are provided with different opportunities to travel far and wide. They attend conferences on how to apply modern techniques for better outputs. Farming is the one profession you can pass on to your generation unborn to secure the future, it is a gate pass to a better livelihood

The aforementioned points are few misconceptions highlighted, so many of these myths have persuaded people over the years to stay disinterested in farming or has created a profit drive scheme for people who just want to put money in it but have no understanding of how it runs or operates.

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