Call our toll-free National Hotline for agriculture! Get real-time, personalized farming advice in your local language, powered by AI


Get real-time, farm advice from your personal farm expert through your phone on our toll-free Agriculture Hotline.

FarmAdvice solves problems, not just answers questions! Get real-time advice to fix crop issues, boost growth, and stay informed.


Farm advice is an innovative tool specifically created to serve as an assistant to farmers. FarmAdvice is multilingual, farmers can communicate in their local language (either English, Yoruba or Hausa….). By simply dialling the number (09087482399), farmers can access a wealth of agricultural information and receive real-time answers to their pressing questions.

Available round the clock

FarmAdvice is not just an information hub but also your trusted advisor, available 24/7. No matter what point of the crop cycle you’re at, FarmAdvice empowers you to make informed decisions on the farm. You can gain valuable knowledge and improve your farming skills, overcome challenges, make informed decisions for your crops and livestock and increase your farm's productivity and profitability.

Your pocket farm expert! No internet required
Boost Crop Growth

Are your crops showing signs like stunted growth, yellowing leaves, or weak stems? FarmAdvice can help you identify potential nutrient deficiencies based on the symptoms you describe. It will then suggest appropriate fertilizers or soil amendments to replenish the missing nutrients and get your plants back on track.

Stay Up-to-Date

By providing this up-to-date information, FarmAdvice empowers you to make informed decisions for your farm. You can adopt the best practices, leverage new technologies, and navigate government programs to optimize your farm's success. Farm with knowledge, farm with confidence - FarmAdvice is your trusted information partner.

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